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Calgary Marriage & Family Therapist, Jonathan McGregor

Welcome to Cooperative Wellness. Given the current COVID-19 pandemic, I am taking certain safety precautions. Barring any new restrictions, I am still hosting sessions at my office under certain conditions. I am also happy to do sessions over phone/video conference, and I will walk you through steps to connect virtually.


Is stress overcoming excitement in your relationship? I work with couples, families, and individuals, to navigate a variety of life’s challenges: life transitions, marriage preparation, relationship repair, divorce and co-parenting, trauma, violence, and abuse. Whether it’s about improving your relationships, or improving your relationship with yourself, you’ll find yourself reconnecting with strength and recovery.

  • Discover new found depth in your connection
  • Rekindle passion and intimacy
  • Recognize and repair family dynamics
  • Uncover a more positive sense of yourself, clarify your directions, recover and rejuvenate

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I offer an initial phone consultation at no cost. Call me at (403) 615-8348 or complete my contact form.

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Articles and Advice on Navigating Relationships in a Modern World

Communication Building Blocks

Communication is the key to connection (read a previous post, Communication: Taking it to a Deeper Level). But just because we communicate, doesn’t mean we connect. Usually, we interact on a practical level: “Pass the potatoes,” “pick Sarah up from school,” “I’m tired.” We make assumptions that the other hears [...]

Confronting the Aftermath of Affairs

Unfaithful behavior in an intimate relationship can take MANY forms. Typically, we think of "cheating" as sex outside the relationship. But what about an emotional relationship, prolonged emotional involvement with another, flirtations with one or several others, or merely joining a dating/hookup website? Might these behaviors also be considered outside [...]

What’s Bond Got to Do With It?

As human beings, we don’t outgrow our need to be nurtured. Some go so far as to say that connection is the core of human experience (watch Brene Brown). Grown-ups need love and affection, just like babies do. And no matter what age you are, separation from attachment figures (caregivers [...]

Communication: Taking it to a deeper level

For those wondering what the right thing to say is, warning: you might not get it right the first time. And that’s okay. Few people say exactly what they mean on their first try. Open Communication is about ongoing inter-action, and the first step is getting the conversation started. Numerous [...]